Want to be a Partner in Financial Development also known as a PFD?  Please consider keeping the camp "afloat" by partnering financially with us on a monthly basis.  We are looking to build a network of alumni staff and Sonshine supporters who are willing to support this effort.  For years, Sonshine has used PFD's to keep campers and staff safe while playing in creation.  These flotation devices literally save lives.  We are inviting you to partner with Sonshine's PFD Program by choosing to support us through a monthly contribution in order to keep Sonshine alive and affordable for the next generation of campers. 

Thanks for considering a monthly partnership that will keep us "afloat." We ask that you would consider supporting us for just $10.00 a month. Partner donations over the years have ranged from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per month. Regardless of what you can contribute, we would love to see you involved. 

A variety of factors have made operating the camp at an affordable price more challenging than ever before. Your monthly donation will help offset rising costs such as houseboat rentals, ski boat costs,  food, and fuel so we can maintain or lower (as we have done the last 2 years) camper prices.  On a much larger scale, your contribution has the potential to provide the camp the capital it must have should our partner marinas no longer provide Sonshine a houseboat rental fleet. Each month, your credit card will be billed for the amount you specify.  Sonshine Specialized Camping Ministries is a non-profit organization, so your gift is tax deductible.

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Special thanks to those who "float" with us each month!
  • Emily Ferree
  • Doug and Cathy Fields
  • Andrew and Mary Gaer
  • Jenna Gailey
  • Ryan Greer
  • Donny and Lisa (Evans) Hanle
  • Erich and Jenn (Harnett) Pekenbrock
  • McKenzie Hittle
  • Nina Huckabay
  • Cassidy Keating
  • Peter and Whitney (Vidlock) Knickerbocker
  • Harrison Koontz
  • Kelly Kurtenbach
  • Sammi Lotti
  • Steve and Sarah Mann
​           Austin and Kate Breault
  • Torrey Busboom
  • Brad and AnneLisa (Armor) Butcher
  • Collin and Megan Butcher
  • Christofer and Leah Calvin
  • Andy and Megan (Ross) Clayton
  • Mike and Pearl (Snow) Corsetto
  • Jordan Costa
  • Reid and Kelly Delgado
  • Anneliese Dion-Kindem
  • Jacob Dion-Kindem
  • Connor and Lindsay Drake
  • Whitney Elliott
  • Stefanie Erikson

  • Amanda Morris
  • Karly Nelson
  • Peter Olson
  • Lexi Prior
  • Haley Ross
  • Jeremy Ross
  • Mark and Cindy Ross
  • Micaela Saqui
  • Jon and Steph (Fry) Sawyer
  • Courtney Schlossareck
  • Mason and Megan (Keating) Schroder
  • Trevor Schroeder
  • David and Lauren (Stack) Smith
  • Josh Vance
  • Ken and Anna Vogel
  • Lauren Whitney
  • Mark Woollett
  • Kevin and Cora Wyne